Monday, June 15, 2015

Pueblo to Cañon City

Back on the road today. May drove Roger and I to the outskirts of Pueblo so we wouldn't have to fight with city traffic. We rode out on highway 96. Traffic was pretty light and drivers gave us plenty of room. It seemed to be one of the roads, where people aren't in a hurry.

We had one major climb for today and that was to get us up to the town of Wetmore. Most of the way we were going up. Often it looked downhill, but our legs and Roger's altimeter confirmed we were climbing. Just before Wetmore we spotted the climb. From far away it didn't look to bad, but as we drew closer it started to look ominously steep. We took a break at the bottom of the steep climb, ate some food, then started up the incline. It was a long, slow, go that topped out at 14% grade for a portion of it. I took another break near the top. I wanted a photo of the beast we just climbed. I met up with Roger who was up ahead of me, and together we rolled into Wetmore.

There was supposed to be a store in Wetmore, alas, as is often the case in these little communities, the store was no more. Roger found water for his empty water bottles at a house. I still had water and so we rode on.

The ride to Florence was fantastic. Downhill practically the whole way. We descended on the Federal prison that is huge, and looks like a resort until you see the razor wire fence. Florence is a delightful little town that seems prosperous and busy. We met May there who had scouted some restaurants for our lunch.

Roger ordered a half order of biscuits and gravy and some eggs and toast on the side. When he got his order, it was a huge amount of food. I wonder what the full order would be? I had a chicken guacamole sandwich. Everything was good.

We only had about 9 more miles Cañon City where we would be staying. May had found an older, independent motel ran by a nice couple. It was old and the rooms were smaller, but everything was tidy and neat.

45 miles
Scenery is getting better
Up ahead is the big climb of the day
From the top. 14% grade on this baby.
One more view. Yeah, we climbed that.
More views 
Hi, The milk is in the fridge - Christine.
We didn't have a coffee maker in our room,
so the owners brought one for us, along with cups and milk.
How nice is that!


  1. Cañon City is where Skyline Drive is. That short, one way road that runs along the top of a ridge. Wonderful views!

  2. Nice pics, things look better with mountains don't they....unless you're pedaling....

    I hope you get a chance to ride Skyline Drive.

  3. Hill climbs on a bike... my nemesis. I am exhausted only by thinking of it. You must be in great shape by now if you are able to manage grades of 14%

  4. Beautiful views, but I don't envy you the climb on two wheels.

  5. Richard and Dom, We didn't do Skyline, but I think I remember a video Dom made of ride along it. Colorado is already on my "must visit again". Hiking, biking, but no epic rides over passes. I'll save those for motorized visits.

    Sonja, Hills are my nemesis too. I should hate them. I have no aerobic conditioning, yet I like to do them. Then when I get myself into a climb I wonder what the heck am I doing here! I'm my own worst enemy. Did I mention that I have gotten off and walked or rested on these climbs. :)

    Brandy, You can do it on two wheels ... Max would do just fine! :)