Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Scott City to Tribune (Horace)

Another nice day of riding in the great state of Kansas. With hot weather and wind predicted for later in the day, we decided to make a hasty exit out of Scott City. I think we were on the road at 6:45. Not too early, not too late.

The little restaurant next door was supposed to open at 6 am, but alas, when we stopped by they were closed and it was dark inside. We've learned that opening and closing of restaurants can be just a bit variable in these small towns, which is really understandable. It works in our favor as often as not. We had breakfast in our rooms and were on our way.
The ubiquitous grain elevator
 Second breakfast was in Leoti about 25 miles down the road. They had the perfect meal for me: 1 pancake, 1 egg, and 1 meat - I chose bacon.  Add a cup of coffee and I was good to go.

With half our ride behind us, we pressed on to Tribune. We still had comfortable temps and no huge wind, so we made good time. By the time we arrived in Tribune things were beginning to heat up a bit, and the wind was kicking up as well. We stopped at a little coffee shop. May was ahead arranging lodging at another pheasant hunting lodge. There was no lodging in Tribune so she found something 2 miles down the road in the town of Horace.
Porch swing anyone? 
The view from our hunting lodge
and more 
Per May, this one was set up much like a New Zealand hostel with small, individual rooms with private baths (en suite). The owner wanted it known that it is not a hostel. She cannot charge hostel prices and stay in business, but cyclists are welcome to stay here for the regular fee. In the commons there is a sitting area with tv, and plenty of dining tables. Outside is a grain elevator and train tracks and that's about it, but it beats camping by a mile. It has everything we need, and is nicer than some of the motels we've stayed in.

Oh and another marker of our progress: We are now on Mountain time. Tomorrow we cross into Colorado.

50 miles
Bicycle parking
Dining area
Sitting area 
my room


  1. The non-hostel looks really nice and a question. What is a good daily average for expenses?

    1. Motel rooms are about $50 a night. In resort/tourist areas of course we pay a lot more :)

      Meals are usually under $10. Rarely do we eat 3 meals out. Usually we have breakfast at the hotel, either their continental breakfast or from our supplies. Either Lunch and dinner at a restaurant, with anything else from our supplies. If the route provides it we might stop for a light second breakfast on the road. We did that today and I had a coffee and a packaged pastry. It just depends on what's available.

  2. you'll see more of the grain silos in Colorado as well. the lodge facilities looked good. I bet that next to last photo location would have made for a nice time-lapse sequence.

    1. Thanks we'll look for them. The lodges seem to be a well kept secret. You have to be in that loop to know about them, or so it seems. They're a great deal when you find them.

      There have been several times when time-lapse would be great. I haven't yet bought the app, nor do I have enough batteries for it on the road. Something to explore when we get home.

  3. This Non-Hostel actually looks pretty decent given that you must be in the middle of nowhere.

  4. Woohoo, you should be in Colorado by now. A double edged sword: beautiful scenery, but also hill climbs.

  5. It was pretty nice. The outside was a metal building with a flat roof. Wouldn't even suspect what was inside, but they had I think about 28 bedrooms/bath, a kitchen area, a laundry, TV, wifi. There were only 3 other guys there. They were in the area for a remodel job.