Monday, July 27, 2015

Anacortes and Home

July 27
We’re home! We arrived home late Sunday evening after a short ride to finish then a mega-drive to get back home to Oregon. Here’s the recap: 

July 25 - Marblemount to Burlington
56 miles today. Mostly downhill. Don and Pat, friends and previous tour mates to Roger and May invited us to stay in their home this evening. They also fed us a wonderful dinner and breakfast promised for tomorrow. They rode out to meet us along the route and show us the way through town. Very pretty, typical PNW scenery today, with mist in the mountains and wet roads. 

Ken and Gail drove down to Burlington and bought us lunch, then drove us up to their home in Lyndon. It was fun too see their new home town, and really great to spend some time with them. 

July 26 - To Anacortes and the end.

A short day today, about 15 miles to the pacific ocean and the end of our ride. Once again, Pat and Don would be our guide to Anacortes. We spent some time on local roads, a short jaunt along highway 20, a tall bridge crossing, and then a nice bike path to our finish near the marina. We took the requisite ending pics, and then had a celebratory lunch/breakfast at a local restaurant in Anacortes before we all went our separate ways. 

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