Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Clark Fork to Priest River

July 15
60 mile ride from Clark Fork to Priest River. We had a lovely ride from Clark Fork to Sandpoint Idaho. We stopped for Coffee/food at McDonalds in Ponderay. Traffic became a little heavy around Sandpoint, but that is to be expected. We got a little lost trying to find the right bike path to get us across Lake Pend Orielle, but once we finally found the right trail we could be on our way. Before heading across we had lunch at a convenience store, chicken teriyaki, which was quite good and filling despite being a fast food counter. 

Across the lake and along highway 95. Busy and noisy, but we had a shoulder and once we turned onto Dufort road, traffic was quieter. Dufort is a quiet, rolling road along the river. Mostly we were surrounded by trees, but occasionally we had nice views of the water.  Crossed the river at Priest River where we are staying for the night. Dinner was a a restaurant next to the motel. Good food. Ron had salmon and I had the linguine. 

A nice treat: Dian and Phil have shown up. Dian will finish the ride with us, and Phil will meet her at the end. It was so nice to see them, familiar faces from home. 

Lake Pend Oreille
Train crossing Lake Pend Oreille 
Ron on the path along the lake
Waiting for dinner

Phil, Dian, Roger, May, Marlene, Tim, Kari, Ron, Geneva, and Phil


  1. All dressed up! I guess that's one of the benefits of a sag wagon! Not having to wear the same clothes for weeks on end...

    And the group is now much larger. Does that mean more vehicles?

    1. Hi Richard, yes if we were packing our own gear we would have much less to choose from. As it is a few things may go in the donation bag when we get home. We currently have three vehicles. Phil and Geneva have their own. Geneva doesn't ride and they have to leave before the end. Tim and Marlene also decided to bring a car because they were worried about the fires/smoke. Marlene drives forward to the next stop then rides back to meet us.

  2. Pretty view of the lake. I haven't been through that area in many many years but I remember the scenery being pretty.

    1. Hi Brandy, It is a really lovely area. We've been riding along the Clark Fork river and now the Priest River, and it's been quite scenic.