Saturday, July 18, 2015

Colville to Republic

July 18
Colville to Republic
Last night we didn’t have internet service, so no post. on Friday, July 17 we had a steep climb of about 1100 ft. Otherwise it was a downhill day. Those 1100 feet were tough. 

Ron and Roger climbing

The artsy shot
Dian and Tim with Phil, Geneva and May in the background
Today we had our biggest climb of the trip. We started out steadily downhill to the Columbia River. From this low point, around 1290 ft elev., we climbed 20 miles to the top of Sherman Pass, elev.: 5575 ft. That’s a bit of a climb!

After that it was downhill all the way to Republic. Okay, there were a couple of bumps to climb, including the one into Republic, but otherwise it was a screaming downhill. 30-35 mph. More than fast enough for me.

Tomorrow is a rest day. Takin’ it easy in Republic. 
Tim and Ron crossing the Columbia 
"Wildlife" at the top of Sherman's Pass.
Oh yeah! 
Waiting for everyone to show up
Phil, Tim, Dian, Marlene, Kari, Roger, Ron
Sherman Pass, 5575 elev.
The Descent


  1. I think my favorite shot is the bike thrown down at the pass sign!

  2. You guys must be the fittest people in the US by now, with all that uphill riding. Lovely pics as usual.

  3. Beautiful views through the passes. Brad's mom used to live in Colville and Kettle Falls so we have been over those roads many times to visit.

  4. Richard: I thought about leaving it there, but the worst was over by then, and a lovely downhill made be forget the pain. :) Oh, and I may have broken a spoke on the downhill. Didn't discover it until after our day off, and there it was.

    Hi Sonja, I wish!

    Hi Brandy, wow, small world. It seems we've gone through a number of towns and friends or family have ties there. So interesting. Colville/Kettle Falls is a nice area. Lots of motorcycles this past weekend. Great two-wheeling whether by pedal or motor. (I recommend the motor!) :)