Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6
A good ride today despite two summit climbs. We had a plus today, the weather decided to stay cool and the wind held off until later in the day. Two climbs over Badger pass and Big Hole pass, but fortunately neither were terribly steep. Badger pass seems to be an appropriate name; we saw two badgers today while riding. The road was low traffic, mostly cattle trucks and a few trailers. Most everyone was courteous when passing. We met a few riders heading east, and a couple of riders are staying at the same lodge as us tonight. The afternoon followed with a dip in the hot springs. A nice day over all. 

49 miles
Ron and Roger

Artsy stuff
Wide open country 
Cute mailbox 
Big Hole Pass, elev. 7400 ft
May waiting for us at the top of the pass
Roger and Ron summiting Big Hole Pass 
The downhill into Jackson
And on around the corner...


  1. A hot spring at the end of the day always makes things better! Since you have photos of Ron and Roger reaching the summit you must've beat them to the top!

  2. You guys are simply awesome. Well done!

    I like the arty shot. By all means please do some more.

  3. Nice artsy picture. Good job on doing the two summits.