Thursday, July 16, 2015

Priest River to Ione

Another good day of riding, although we did have a headwind at times. It was windy all day, but the trees and the hills sometimes granted us shelter. 60 miles again, but no big climbs, just rolling along and sometimes fighting the wind. Tomorrow we have a "warm up" hill before the big climb over Sherman Pass the day after.

Priest River 
Abandoned building 
Rest Stop

 We have various lodgings tonight all over the little community of Ione. Tim and Marlene are at another motel. Roger, May, Ron and I are in a two bedroom apartment that is quite cute. Dian has a single room with a loft and Phil and Geneva are in a single room with a step up bath. This is all in a motel-pizza parlour-gas station-laundrymat. Who'd a thought!
The "Apartment". Kind of cute and unique.
Over a pizza parlour 
Roger in the living room
After a home cooked dinner of pork chops, potatos, stuffing, and salad, we headed across the street to the grocery store that also served ice cream. We were two minutes past closing for the ice cream shop, but the lady graciously served us any way. We were a gleeful bunch. Not pictured is Ron who doesn't do dairy products. Fortunately he found some chocolate almond soy ice cream in the grocery department, so all was good. I just didn't get a picture of him.
Ice Cream Run! Roger 
The wonderful ice cream lady who stayed after closing
to serve us ice cream! 
Yeah, still chowing down

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  1. Never realized how much ice cream plays into the dietary requirement of long distance riders like you all..... ;)