Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Republic to Tonasket

July 20
Yesterday we took a rest day in Republic WA. Interesting day in that we chose the one day in the year when the power is shut off county-wide for general maintenance and repairs. From noon to 8:00 pm the power is off, but the power company puts on a big picnic with hamburgers, hotdogs, music, and games for the kids, so it was a fun and unique experience. In the evening we took a drive out along highway 21 to the little town of Curlew, not far from the Canadian border. 
Curlew Lake State Park

Today was another climb over Wauconda Pass, elevation of 4310 ft. It was about a 1400 ft climb for us then a long, hot downhill into Tonasket, where we are staying the night. We went from the cool, forested areas down to hot, arid Tonasket. Tonasket is more like what I expected of eastern Washington. I didn’t stop for any photos today. Hopefully Roger will send me the group photo taken up on the pass. 

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