Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Trout Creek MT to Clark Fork ID

July 14
Two important crossings today. We crossed into Idaho and we crossed the time zone to Pacific time zone! It’s all wrapping up so quickly. We had another downhill day, 40 miles to Clark Fork, Idaho. I’m getting spoiled with all these down hill days. I need to keep in mind that the climbing is not over yet. 

It was a good riding day and the weather was beautiful. That is until the last 6 miles where the heavens opened the floodgates and commenced dumping buckets of rain down upon us, complete with the roar of thunder and electrifying flashes of lightening. Okay maybe that’s a little over the top for description … or not. 

In the end we are happily ensconced at the Clark Fork lodge, another cute independent motel that is clean and cozy, and they have a grill available for guest use. Looks like it’s BBQ chicken for this evening!

Noxon Reservour
Bridge to Noxon
Little store that sold pastries and coffee 
Marlene, Ron, Kari, and Tim. - Photo by Roger Gaither
Marlene, Ron, Kari, and Roger.
We passed a pallet company that had dozens of old cars
and trucks sitting out along the road. A storm was on the way
so we didn't have much time to linger.

After the rain stopped I was able to capture this scene
of the Clark Fork River
Looking the other way - Clark Fork River


  1. Good pics, I really liked the b/w effect of the third from last shot.

    1. Thanks Dom, that one was fun to do.

  2. "It’s all wrapping up so quickly"

    You can always continue north… ;-)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Brandy, tomorrow we will be in Washington State! Woohoo!