Thursday, July 23, 2015

Twisp to Mazama

July 23
Very easy ride today. 26 miles to Mazama, our launch point for our last big climb - Washington Pass in the Northern Cascades. The weather was cooler today. It feels like “something” blowing in from the west. We had a rugged headwind, but once off the highway and onto backroads it didn’t seem so vigorous. Just a few rolling hills and generally gaining some elevation today. We stopped for second breakfast in Winthrop. 

We arrived in Mazama early, but the lodge had our rooms mostly ready. We walked to the local store, a rather fine example with healthy food, organics and gluten-free stuff, some cute teeshirts, outdoor goodies and some housewares. Back at the lodge Tim and Ron tried out the hammock with mixed success, then played a few rounds of horse shoes. Me? I took pictures. :)
Funky mailbox 
and signage
Hut overhanging the ridgeline.
Kind of like the infamous hanging chads
and nearly as controversial.
Tim and Marlene 
Tim and Ron take on the hammock ... 
... with mixed success 
View from our room
Our wing of the lodgings
Horse shoes with Tim and Ron 

And now for the artsy-phartsy stuff ...


  1. Nice photos especially the last two. How does it feel to have the end of the trip in sight? Kinda sad?

  2. Hi Richard, not sad. I'm excited to be going home soon, and I will still be riding my bike, just on familiar ground. It has been a grand adventure, and I'm glad I did it.