Friday, July 24, 2015

Washington and Rainy Passes

July 24
Today was the last big climb. We are officially on the west side of the Cascades. We started in Mazama with cool, but dry weather, and the climbing began shortly after leaving town. We had a headwind all day today and the air was considerably colder. Mayhap I’m feeling that pacific marine air? Eighteen miles to the top of Washington Pass. The scenery made it worth the work. 

 Rainy Pass lived up to its name, it was raining. Ah yes, definitely feeling that PNW weather. Feels like home. 

The headwind was still with us and made us work on all but the steepest grades. It was a long way down. There were three more “bumps” before our destination. I was getting seriously tired of climbing, really want lunch, really need to get to our stop!! It was 60 miles from Mazama to Newhalem where we finally stopped for some lunch. After we got our soup, sandwiches and what have you, someone asked why didn’t we go to the restaurant next door? There’s a restaurant next door? We didn’t know, so settled for convenience store fare. Thirteen more miles to Marblemount, our stay for the night. The wind had let up a little and it really was all down hill from there. Yay!  
76 miles

East side of Washington Pass

You can see the road up there
Ron on the switchback
Road below and above 

Made it! Last big climb of the tour!

... And then there's Rainy Pass. :)
Hmmm, this looks familiar ... 
Diablo Lake. Beautiful blue color.
Photo doesn't do it justice.


  1. Almost done! Does it feel like a real accomplishment?

  2. Impressive mountains along the pass. Only a couple more days...

  3. Really it doesn't feel like a particular accomplishment. It's sort of surreal - I guess it just hasn't hit me yet, what we've done. It has been an amazing time though, when I think back on it.