Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fern Ridge Again

“… a lot of medium hills but no killer ones,” The email said. I still have the email to prove it.

Greg, Barbi, Al and Emma on Northern Drive

An early start today, to beat the heat. Perhaps it was the wrong map, or a miscommunication, but somewhere along the route, after I was already halfway ‘round the mountain, we were suddenly going to ride over Fern Ridge.
What happened to Old Holley Road?
Rolly hills.

Yours truly

I spent Northern Drive desperately chugging down gummy-drop-nutrition-thingies, in a last ditch effort to stave off the dreaded bonk that would surely ensue somewhere on the ascent of Fern Ridge.

Northern Drive, Brownsville

It was suggested by one rider that we could turn back and still catch Old Holley Road, but of course no one would actually be the first to turn back down the hill. We would have all followed. Really we would. But no. Up we go.

Al, Emma and Greg at the top of Fern Ridge - Whew!

I’m happy to say I had a pretty good climb and the gummy-drop-nutrition-thingies did their job. It was a successful no-bonk climb. The view on top is lovely. Mt Jefferson majestically glowed on the horizon. Or was that one of the Three Sisters?. Ah well, some mountain looking majestic … you get the idea.

Mt Jefferson in the distance

Now the good stuff. The descent. Woo-hoo. Only video can do justice to a downhill run. Alas I only do stills. We stopped at Art’s place to say hello, pet the dogs, and refill water bottles. Nothing left but a flat few miles back to Lebanon.

—40 miles.
—1775 elev. gain.
—12.5 Average. Stop chuckling! That’s a good number for me on a hill climbing day.


  1. Sounds like so much work, especially when one's pride becomes involved.

    Still, you did it!

    You may want to rate the writer's credibility, at least when it comes to hills and their steepness, as "lacking" in the future. :)

  2. Respect, that's a nice climb. I am also working on my "uphill speed", well you can't call it speed yet... really. You are an inspiration, Kari. Thank you.

  3. Wow, a lot of elevation gain. Good job!!

  4. You won't hear any chuckling from me on the average speed. I remember more than a few century rides where my average was below that. Too any hills… (not enough downhills to make up for all of the up hills)

  5. Thanks everyone. Sorry I didn’t get back here sooner. It’s the crazy season, so it seems. Festivals, bicycle events and we’re having the house re-roofed to boot. I’m tired already and it has barely started.

    Yeah, that dang pride thing will get ya every time! There is much grumbling when the hills are not what was stated in the description. We are very good at grumbling. :)

    I’ve been working on my up hill speed for years and the best success was when I added a motor. :) I love reading about your cycling adventures. You live in such a lovely place, and your pics make me want to drag the bike across the ocean and ride there.

    Thanks Trobairitz - I just like to have a little more warning that it will be an elevation day. Psych myself up to the task. :)

    Richard - so right about the up and down hills. 2 hours to climb the dang thing, then 10 minutes to go down. It’s not fair!