Monday, May 14, 2018

First Gravel Ride

Took the Domane for her first gravel ride. McDonald Forest of course. There is something purely fine about riding a bike in the forest. My gravel racing ambitions may well be too ambitious. I don't have enough motor for the uphills and I don't have the balls for the downhills. I can't blame it on the 32mm tires. I'm the same on my mtn bike with fat, squishy tires, so it's just me.
Let's get this show on the road
No matter. I had fun and I didn't burn up the brakes in my deathgrip.
All right it does look rather puny here, but I swear this gravel
was made of boulders. I did get better at riding through it.
Dang but the trail builders have been busy! There are new trails everywhere. Some open, some a work in progress
New trail

Dave's Trail
Views, flora, but no fauna. She (doe) dashed up the hill and out of sight as soon as I pulled out the camera. I need to start carrying a real camera. I feel limited with the phone, and I get lazy using it. No excuses.
Clear cut views

little trees in spring green

Wild Iris

Bike porn and cool old stuff on the trail
It was a good ride. Not an ideal set up for gravel, but good enough for when I need to scratch that gravel itch.


  1. Looks like a nice way to meander through the can go pretty slow right?

    1. Slow is my middle name. And first name ... last name ...pretty much slow is in my blood. I was even slow on the moto.

  2. Pretty ambitious riding those roads on those skinny tires! I'm becoming more and more a fan of those fat-tire bikes. Less of a weight penalty than I would've thought.

    1. The bike can run wider tires, I just don't have any yet. 😁
      The bike is more road bike than gravel bike, but 90% of my riding is road. But it'll work for some gravel events around here that aren't crazy mud/gravel/slop. If I really get into gravel grinding, well, I'll just need to get another bike!

  3. Downhill isn't my cup of tea either, no matter the tires, Kari. However I have become a fan of fat tires which seem much more comfortable on gravel and single trails.

  4. I am pretty good downhill on trails as long as there aren't too many tight switchbacks, but on gravel I am a slow brake burner too. Just don't trust it.

    Glad you got out for some fun though.