Saturday, January 19, 2019

Saturday Bike Ride

Well, that was miserable.
Solo ride today. I've had a cold and didn't want to spread the contagion. I started from my own front door. It was terrible. I felt terrible. Slow. No energy. This should be a relatively easy ride. Though I've been fighting a cold, it had only slowed me down a little these past few days. Not today.
The Water Wheel

That mofo 15% grade corner on Green Mountain.
Glad I was going down.
I felt a little better when I got down on the flat lands. That was the best part of the ride. Easy peasy.
My old swimming hole.

Not today
Two Barns

Sadly, she who rides down the hill, must ride back up the hill. My easiest route home is rolling hills that roll upward back to my house. Those hills killed me. I stopped, and had a gel then crawled my way back home.

Later I took my temp and it was 99.8 and my heart rate is a little elevated. So yeah, probably sick.

Pics from the iphone
20.75 mi
1:53 hr


SonjaM said...

Oh Kari, take it easy. Our bodies don't like it much being challenged when they fight a cold or fever. Be better soon.

Trobairitz said...

The main thing is you got out on the bike. And while you weren't feeling well too. Maybe the exercise helped you kick the bug.

dom chang said...

Ya know, great pics aside...probably need to rest up a bit more.

Kari Kropf said...

Thanks everyone. I did get more rest after the ride. A nice nap that day, and have been taking it easy the past couple days. Feeling much better.

Sonja - Yes, I think I learnt that the hard way!

Brandy - Earlier in the week I had felt better afterwords, but this ride definitely let me know it was time to take a break.

Thanks Dom, yes definitely. :)

I declare that I have reached my quota of sickness for the year!