Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Silver Falls Hike

South Falls
The plan was to run a 5k, but I just didn't get myself in gear until it was too late to drive to the 5k venue. We opted for a hike at Silver Falls instead. Today is New Years Day. It's also a free day at state parks. There were guided activities going on, and I was a little worried how busy it might be on the trails.
Surprisingly, trail traffic was light, considering. I think there were more people at the north falls than the south. By the time we returned to the south lot, it would fill up. I guess we beat the crowds.

North Falls
under North Falls
The falls were moving a lot more water this winter day than what we see in summer. Louder too.

Beautiful day on the trail. Sunny and cold. The stairs down on the trail were icy. And some parts of the trail were icy. There seemed to be some areas that were colder than others.

We finished up with a stop at Silverton Reservoir, just to check things out.

The nitty gritty: 33ยบ;   6.5 miles;  Camera: iphone/LR;  Clothes: down jacket (which I removed for most of the hike),tech tee; long sleeve top; tights; skirt;  NB Minimus with wool socks. - feet warm despite getting soaked.


Troubadour said...

Good for you, glad you got out today and you beat the crowds, it can get busy on (free) holidays. We've been running errands as of late and simply enjoyed a quiet day puttering at home. Thanks for sharing your photos for us to enjoy from the comfort and warmth of our home.

SonjaM said...

Happy New Year, Kari. There I thought you stopped blogging, and now for some reason I got your feed on blogger all at once.

What a great day to be outside especially when there is a hike and a waterfall involved. Our 1st day of the year came and went while binge-watching Black Mirror on Netflix. I need this to change. My lame excuse is that the day remained grey and shadowy and never switched on to daylight.

Glad you're back. I will be getting back in shape just by following you along ;-)

Cheers, Sonja

dom chang said...

Good to see you back online Bluekat....and Ron too! Happy New Year to you and yours

Kari Kropf said...

Hi Troubadour, I think we really did beat the crowds. The parking lot was much fuller upon our return. I rarely hike there on weekends, because of the crowds. I mean, isn't it one of the big reasons to go hike - to get away from people. Nice that you guys had a quiet time at home. I know you had a big move this year and sometimes it's just nice to sit back and enjoy the new nest.

Trobairitz said...

What beautiful pictures. I always love the frosty leaves. I too was worried the parks would be busy when they are free.

Nice choice.

Kari Kropf said...

Hi Sonja - and happy new year! I haven't done much with the blog for a few years. It was offline for a while when I was doing some housekeeping. I just never got it back up again. I've spent more time on facebook/instagram. Not sure if I have enough to say anymore for a blog post, but thought I might give it a try.

I still don't have a moto and probably won't for sometime if ever. My life has taken a different direction. I sure miss Sam(ninja) at times though. These days it's more about being and staying active. Bicycling and this year, something new - triathlon, if I don't drown! ๐Ÿ˜

Kari Kropf said...

Happy New Year Dom! Been following your pics and such on FB - quite the travels! Like I told Sonja, not sure if I have much to post these days, but perhaps will try to give it a go.

Kari Kropf said...

Thank you Brandy. I had my nose to the ground looking for the perfect frosted leaves. There were so many good choices to choose from.

RichardM said...

Happy New Year! Nice photos of the falls.

Kari Kropf said...

Thanks Richard. Happy New Year to you too!