Monday, May 27, 2019

Hills and Hollows

You know, my first clue should have been the words hills and hollows in the road names that this wasn't going to be a flat ride. In bicyclist vernacular it was a ride with "views".

Sublimity Park

Ride start is at a little park in Sublimity. Sublimity is the prettiest small town around. Every yard is neat and nice. And the farms outside of town are the same. The small park has public restrooms that are the cleanest I've ever seen. Pristine. I don't think I've ever bothered to photograph the bathrooms. And they were open for use. Not many places can leave their restrooms open and keep them nice. Well done Sublimity!

Nicest public restroom in Oregon

Our ride was a big loop west, north, and east. I don't think any of it was flat. We started out of town on gentle rolling hills. Met our only loose dog for the day - a friendly labradoodle type dog. Apparently, according to a walker we met, this dog is a regular on the road. A short jog on Silver Falls highway with busier traffic, then a quick right onto Waldo Hills road. Waldo Hills road sneaks up on you. It's a sharp right and can't really be seen on approach. Easy to miss.

Waldo Hills Road

Waldo Hills road meanders up and down past farms and eventually comes out on Cascades Hwy. Busy road again, but this one has shoulders, so not too bad. Right on Doerfler Rd. and up we go. The fields of Meadowfoam are in full bloom. The aroma is scrumptious.

Up we go! Doerfler Road


mmmmm Meadowfoam.

More "views"

Left on Victor Point Rd. We head steeply down through some curves looking for Fox Road.

Fox? .... Fox?    No ... Fox Road. Where are you?

Deep in a hollow we find a road ... with no signage ... and we have no cell signal. I check my low tech map (a photo of a real map - a life savor for all those times high-tech has failed me). No idea, but it's in the right place and it "feels" right, so up we go again. No way to go but up from here whichever road we take. This is where the bigger climbs start. Fox Road runs into Drift Creek Rd. and we follow it out to highway 214.

Unmarked Fox Rd. is a sharp right just past Drift Creek.
We found Fox!

My low-tech map. 

Climbing Fox Road

Fox Road view

Ron and more Meadowfoam

Like really lots of Meadowfoam
Home of a gazillion Christmas trees

Who doesn't love cute, fluffy Christmas trees!

I don't like the short jog on 214. It's busy with no shoulder, but drivers are courteous today despite having to wait a bit for us to climb a hill.  In fact there were no rude drivers on the whole ride today. Nice! We turn left onto Carter Rd. Yay! Another quiet back road. And the hills keep coming.

Far ahead we can see a reddish field. Can't tell if it's fresh plowed dirt or something else. Turns out to be a beautiful field of red clover. It's absolutely lovely and appears to go on forever.

Red clover field

We turn onto Triumph Rd. and ride along this field to our next turn. Straight is a gravel road I hope to explore another day. To our left the paved road continues, with what looks like a particularly nasty climb. A wall. It looks like a freaking wall. Maybe it will get better as we get closer. Nope. That beast had a sweet 15% grade - steepest at the top of course. I was greeted by a couple of bikers (motorcyclists) while climbing and got a nice wave. Sweet encouragement!

Looking back down on the wall.
Ron is climbing, and hidden from line of sight.
Red clover in background.

Those hills are not what they seem. 

The road heads back towards Sublimity. The hills decrease in intensity. We come into the suburbs of Sublimity and spot a new neighborhood being built. I've never noticed it when driving through as it's a few blocks off of the highway. What a nice place to live.

Gotta say I loved this ride. Every minute of it.

In retrospect riding this route counter-clockwise might be the better option. Get the tough stuff over first.

29 miles
2542 ft. gain
Low tech cue sheet


redlegsrides said...

Good pics of the route, looks like a lot of exercise....

SonjaM said...

I don't mind the hill climbs, but I wouldn't do it on a bike ;-)

Well done, both of you.

Bluekat said...

Just the right amount excepting one or two killer hills. Good motorcycling roads.

Bluekat said...

I don’t know why but I love biking up climbs. Especially ones with good views.

RichardM said...

Whenever I see your posts, I think back to when I really enjoyed cycling. That seems like a long time ago (in a place far, far away). needless to say, I enjoy reading about your rides.

Ken said...

Nice pix! I have this strange urge to go to Sublimity and use their sublime restrooms.... You live in a beautiful part of the country!

Bluekat said...

Thanks Richard, I love cycling, but there is something about a motorcycle that a bicycle can't replace. And I"m not talking about having an engine. It's more than that, and I don't really know how to explain it. It's what I miss now that I"m without.

Bluekat said...

Thanks Ken, I"m not sure what surprised me more - the clean bathrooms or the fact that they were unlocked and available. lol - I can make do, but I appreciate modern facilities!