Friday, January 10, 2020

What to do on a Stormy Day

What to do on a stormy day? Run straight into the storm front of course! King tide on the coast this weekend. I think Saturday and Sunday are even bigger than today. Bad photos through the windshield. Way too wet and windy to get out (although we did so briefly at Devils punch bowl).
Moolack Beach

There's a story here 🤣 

Boiler Bay


redlegsrides said...

Nice pics of some pretty rough looking surf! Kudos.

RichardM said...

Cool photos! I like the Oregon coast...

SonjaM said...

Great pics, Kari. High tide at work. I miss the breaking waves and a stiff salty breeze. Note to self: need to visit an ocean this year.

Bluekat said...

Thanks Dom, yes pretty rough and super high tide. Sadly some kids drown this weekend when they were swept out to sea.😢

Thanks Richard. We like our coast too. Although I think my heart belongs to the mountains and forests.

Thank you Sonja. That's right you were very near the coast. I don't think I even know what oceans are near Europe other than the Atlantic. I need to look it up.