Friday, June 5, 2020

Row River Ride

Dorena Lake

Today we rode Row River Trail outside of Cottage Grove. An approximately 16 mile trail the goes along Dorena Lake. The whole route is the Covered Bridge Scenic Bikeway A little over 30 miles, 16 of which are along a shaded trail.

Old barn along the trail.

I felt pretty lazy today, I might actually have done a bonafide warm up, and then not bother to speed up. 😏

Side note: Ron loves the whole warm up thing. I get no sympathy from him. He’s happy I don’t take off like a bat out of hell. His warm ups are, like, 10 miles long. 🥱

We rode sixteen miles out Row river trail at a leisurely clip. It didn't help having my fatter 35mm tires on the bike. So heavy and slow. I didn't really want to go faster. We rode to the end of the trail and had a small snack before heading back to Cottage Grove.

Dorena Covered Bridge

Then we took a different road on the return. Haven’t done this route before, so I didn’t know it had one long hateful hill to climb—good lord it was painful, but I got my very strong efforts done. 💪💪💪 So much for a leisurely ride. That hill was steeper than what my Garmin is saying. It’s such a liar. 🤥 Really nice ride. Turned out better than expected. 😊

Stewart Bridge

I think next time I'll do the big hill first, then have a nice picnic along the trail by the lake.

33 miles
764 ele. gain


SonjaM said...

Ah, the westcoast green is shining!
Lovely moody shot of the Steward Bridge, Kary.

Bluekat said...

Thanks Sonja. I rode this ride 5 years ago and back then you could ride across this bridge. Now they've removed all access. It's historic so I don't think they'll tear it down. At least, I hope not.

redlegsrides said...

Kudos on beating the “long hateful hill”!